Prayer of a young adult 

Your 20s are a gift from God. Old enough to develop your spiritual gifts and young enough to pursue the dreams he has given you.

Dear Lord…
At this strange age, 

may I remember that everything in life happens for me and not to me

May I remember that everything happens at exactly the right moment,neither too soon or too late.

Often, I miss the little girl whose dreams had no barriers, who believed in a world where anything is possible,with a heart that was full and unbroken…on the days when that happens, Help me remember that growing old was not punishment but a privilege denied to many.May I always remember that until I cross the bridge of my insecurities, I cannot begin to explore the possibilities you’ve planned out for me.

May my mission in life not be merely to survive but to thrive and to do so with passion, some compassion,some humor and some style as Maya Angelou has said.

May I remember to fill my life with purpose so that I spend less time looking for approval. 

At this strange age, may I get the courage to see beyond the physical and see the best in everyone.May I keep in mind that what seems confusing today will someday make perfect sense, and for now remind me to see the beauty in laughing through the confusion,and smiling through the tears.Help me remember that before Alice went to wonderland, she had to fall. Help me see and accept my perfect imperfections and remember to always live, learn and upgrade.

May I never forget on my best days that I need God as desperately as I did on my worst days.



Inform your heart

So I am taking out the trash while frustrated over the fact that the trash is just too much and I found a written piece of paper…first I told myself  “ow some secrets thrown away time to find out”🙈…I picked the paper up and it read…

                          PROVERBS 22:3
                          “A prudent man foresees evil and hides himself”

                                       “Don’t follow your heart, inform your heart”

So I stood there, and as I read I thought to myself, most times I tell myself and I tell those around me to follow their hearts every time they are caught in certain situations,but then I read the paper again and I realized I was wrong…

The heart like a baby, is a delicate human organ, it’s sensitive and it feels…It is overwhelmed with emotions. Like a baby, the heart needs guidance and needs to be told what to do and what not to do. If we followed our hearts every time we felt something we will be disorganized in some sort of way. We will not know what is right and what is wrong because we will tell ourselves “we are following our heart”…which I just realized is not the right way…

                         So Don’t follow your heart, inform your your heart.

Like a father guiding his son through a storm, guide your heart through the trials and tribulations…

                                you know better, your heart feels what you tell it to feel…

“The future scares me”

“The future scares me”, she said as she played back memories from her past life…

The older we get the more we experience life and its great yet heart aching adventures. We get kicked back and forth, and we get lost in our heads. We get to experience the consequences of the choices we’ve made…both the good and the bad. The best consequences leave us with memories and stories to tell.It is the bad experiences that leave us wounded and scared to move forward. 

So we tell ourselves the future scares us. We fail to open doors for opportunities because we fear what awaits us, we fail to start over and give love a chance once again because we are afraid of falling too deep, and we fail to look beyond our mistakes and imperfections because we’ve made our minds believe that there is no perfection beyond our flaws…

yes we say “the future scares us” but,the truth is it’s not that we are scared of the future, it’s not that we are scared of finding love again, it’s not that we are scared of what’s behind the door, it’s repeating the past that makes us anxious. You are not scared of the future, you are worried that your past experiences will come back and that is not something you are ready for

…so you say you are scared of the future.

P.S. Your past doesn’t have to determine your future. You’ve got to believe that your past made you stronger and your mistakes made you wiser. You’ve got to believe in the future…your future 

They say life is like a piano. The white keys represent happiness and the black shows sadness.and as you go through life’s journey, remember that like a piano, the black keys also make music 


We all have certain sayings or quotes that we base our lives on and reflect to whenever we feel like we are stuck or caught in between somehow. There is over a million quotes that one can relate to but here are my top ten favorites so far…

10.You have got to stop taking everything too personal…it’s not always about you😏

9.You too are your own priority 

8.If it won’t matter in 5years , don’t spend more than 5 minutes getting angry about it

7. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness 

6. Mistakes are a fact of life. It is the response to the error that counts 

5.Until you cross the bridge of your insecurities, you can’t begin to explore your possibilities 

4.You live, you learn and upgrade

3. Choose to see the good in everything and everyone 

2.Don’t think too much, just do what makes you happy 

1. Embrace your Perfect Imperfections 

Maybe two of those can help make a difference to your life and give you a new perspective.

You too are your own priority 😊

Being human is all about being there for the ones around you. As humans we remember to take care of the people around us. Your friends post something bad on their WhatsApp and Facebook status and you immediately stop what you were doing and ask them how they are. 

You remember to say good morning and goodnight to your loved ones. You get up early to make your kid’s lunch box and Iron their uniform. You stay up late because your friend is heartbroken and needs a friend…basically what I am saying is we make those around us our priorities. Keep up the good work!

But… yes there is a but…you’ve got to remember this one thing,

“You too are your own priority”

Yes we must be there for the people we love, but sometimes we have to make ourselves our own priorities too. Take a day off and just do something for you. Get a manicure 💅, get your weave straightened, get your beard trimmed, go out for ice cream. I mean yes people need you but you need you too. The world won’t stop moving when you decide to do something just for you, so pull back a little and just prioritize on you for a while…

                                   even if it’s just for a minute 

Be your own priority 

The ugly truth of life

A lie…

Google defines it as an intentionally false statement. I call it the ugly truth of life. We say we don’t like liars and we hate people that lie, but the truth is, we all lie. Tell me you have never told a lie…but be honest with yourself.  
I say we all lie because that’s just what I think. Because one way or another we have all lied. It’s either we lied to those around us or we lied to ourselves, but a lie is a lie.

You remember that time when you told yourself what you did was not wrong and you did it to protect someone, well you lied to yourself. They say lies are meant to deceive one but that’s not all…at times we lie so we make ourselves feel better. We avoid the truth because we want to believe there is some good in us or because we are hoping our lies will eventually become the new truth.

Take those that commit suicide for instance. They tell themselves the world is a better place without them, they tell themselves people are better off without them which is not true. They say these things so they at least feel good about what they are about to do. They say the world is better off without them so they think by killing themselves they are making a world a better place, that they are heroes for doing the world a favor. See, they lie to themselves so it’s easier for them.

So yes, we all lie one way or another. When you fancy someone and they don’t feel the same way you tell yourself, he or she wasn’t really your type. Yes he or she was your type, but you lie to yourself so it doesn’t hurt too much. You say you were never really into them so you make yourself feel better. So yes we all lie.

When you don’t get what you want or when you fail at something, you tell yourself you were in a bad place and you didn’t really focus, or you tell yourself you weren’t really interested or that you only did it because a friend insisted and you didn’t want to let them down…maybe yes, but you say this because the thought of failure makes you sick to your stomach.

 I remember this one time I entered a beauty pageant. I was positive I was going to take at least one title home…and then I didn’t. So this lady comes up and tells me they couldn’t let two people from the same school take titles while other schools go with none. She told me “you will get your 2nd princess presents later”…until this very day, I didn’t get anything. Somehow I knew I was never getting those presents but I believed her lie. I kept telling myself I won but I made a sacrifice so that all schools that participated can be happy. I kept telling myself I was a hero, she lied to me but I believed it. I knew it was a lie, but I believed it hoping it will become a new truth but it didn’t. It was a good lie though…I mean it hurt less wherever I told myself I won and made a scarifice and somehow my confidence wasn’t shuttered.

So yeah…we all lie

But I guess a lie is only bad if you are using it to manipulate or deceive those around you but, if you are lying to yourself so you don’t feel damaged or weak, lying to yourself so your self-confidence isn’t shuttered, lying to yourself so it doesn’t hurt as much, then keep lying to yourself my person. They say fake it till you make it. 

Just be careful what lies you tell yourself.