You too are your own priority 😊

Being human is all about being there for the ones around you. As humans we remember to take care of the people around us. Your friends post something bad on their WhatsApp and Facebook status and you immediately stop what you were doing and ask them how they are. 

You remember to say good morning and goodnight to your loved ones. You get up early to make your kid’s lunch box and Iron their uniform. You stay up late because your friend is heartbroken and needs a friend…basically what I am saying is we make those around us our priorities. Keep up the good work!

But… yes there is a but…you’ve got to remember this one thing,

“You too are your own priority”

Yes we must be there for the people we love, but sometimes we have to make ourselves our own priorities too. Take a day off and just do something for you. Get a manicure 💅, get your weave straightened, get your beard trimmed, go out for ice cream. I mean yes people need you but you need you too. The world won’t stop moving when you decide to do something just for you, so pull back a little and just prioritize on you for a while…

                                   even if it’s just for a minute 

Be your own priority 


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