Dear Time

Most times we complain that you are not enough,

We complain that we need more of you, and yet we waste most of you focusing on the wrong things.
We complain that you are not enough because for some reason we forget that it’s not how much time we have but how we spend the little time we have. They say time is an illusion, I don’t know if it’s true but here is what I ask you…

If time is really an illusion, then it’s all in my mind,
If time is an illusion then It’s not how many months we have left or how many seconds we have to spare,but instead it’s our perception of time that really matters.

So time;

Teach me to acknowledge your presence,
Teach me to acknowledge how precious you are,

Teach me to live everyday keeping in mind that the next second is not guaranteed,

Teach me to value and appreciate every second and minute that you offer me,
Teach me the meaning of time
 Yours: Me


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