You can run but you can’t hide 

The human brain is a terrible place to live in. One minute you want to live in it because that’s your safe haven then the next minute you want to run away from it because you can’t stand your own thoughts and troubles that you have in there…but we can’t run from it. So we turn to a coping mechanism that seems to be everyone’s favorite…we avoid what’s bothering us and we try to destruct ourselves from the ugly reality. We watch 10 movies in a row, we start a fight for no reason, we turn to our best friend alcohol, and we start a rumor about someone else, just so we get to think of something else except the one thing that is really bothering us.


Avoiding the situation actually works. For a moment there you get to not think of anything but happy thoughts,But the problem is, it never really lasts. If you opted to avoid the problems you face by starting fights, you start pushing away everyone that ever meant anything to you, and if you found comfort in starting rumors, eventually you become the girl that everyone hates because she said something about everyone.

My point is, avoiding your troubles won’t make them go away. They will wait until you are you again and they will become intense and unbearable every time you try to avoid them. You will think you are solving a problem by avoiding it but all you are doing is creating even more problems for yourself. Do yourself a favor and opt for a different coping mechanism.  

It won’t be easy, we are all still struggling to adjust to whatever life throws at us, but the strong are surviving, not because they don’t try to avoid their problems at all but because they try to work them out more often.

Just take it one step at a time. Rome wasn’t built in one day, and you certainly won’t solve all your problems in one day…even if you kill yourself, you still have to face the big man.

There is no escaping the mind and all its torments, there is just learning to work it out. If it doesn’t work out then make your peace with it and move on knowing you tried and you didn’t try to run. 

#Just saying…


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