Caption this *📸*

Social media… the one place that you get to know all the ugly and the good about everyone. You stalk a person from their Facebook, instagram and twitter account and you get this feeling like you know them like the back of your hand. We tend to believe it all, forgetting that most of the times the life we portray on social media is nothing compared to the real thing…the behind the scenes of our life is much more complicated. Maybe some people’s lives are exactly the same way as we see on their instagram and twitter feed, but I can assure you, for majority of us, social media is the life we make up for ourselves. 

You can see that it starts with something as simple as our names… Rock my world_not your gal, something something luscious, Home boy something…see what I mean, it’s mostly all made up.

Now you find those of us that like to know everything about everyone finishing our data bundles to find out what a certain someone has been up to for the last 7 years, yes we go that far trust me. We see what’s up and we decide to give a title. The same way we caption our pictures, we decide to caption people’s lives based on their Facebook and instagram feed. Now this is where we get it wrong. A person’s life on social media is not exactly the same as the life they live. People are going through things people! and the fact that they don’t tweet them out doesn’t mean their lives are perfect…

Message …

DON’T BE QUICK TO JUDGE; WHAT YOU KNOW ON SOCIAL MEDIA IS JUST HALF OF IT. Yes on Facebook she uploaded something and mentioned something about a great life. Well at times that life is not as great as you think so don’t go around putting captions on people’s lives from what they choose to show you. That bright smile that you see on their profile picture can be a cry for help for all we know.


People choose to take a selfie and fake a life.

So be careful what you think or say about the lives you see on your news feed. 


So I am sitting back with my cup of coffee and I open my pinterest app. I keep scrolling and refreshing the feed. Eventually I came across a quote that got me really thinking. It read…

At first I couldn’t get what it was saying but after a few seconds I understood it. I decided to test it out. I asked a few of my friends to mention everything they love, from things, hobbies, places and people. I got great answers I tell you.
They told me:

• Music

• Family

• Sarcasm

• Sleeping

• Not studying

• Eating

• Kapana

• Meat

• And More sleeping

I wasn’t shocked when I got the responses. I would have listed the same things if I was asked. It was then that I got to finally understand the message behind the quote. We put a lot first but the one thing we forget to mention is ourselves. We mention we love food, and sleep and material stuff but we fail to recognize and appreciate ourselves. I mean I am not saying we don’t love ourselves, but I feel we don’t really think of ourselves as much as we think of other people or things.

Of cause when we think of food and sleep we are thinking about ourselves but that’s not the context I am going with. We fail to appreciate our existence most of the times. We fail to just stop and think for a while “I LOVE ME”. I don’t know why it’s like that but maybe it can be changed. Maybe we will learn to put ourselves first before meat and music. We are more than just the food we eat and the sleep we get. We are human and we need to appreciate that every day. We can start with an everyday reminder. It can be a note on your mirror that says “I LOVE ME” and it can be a password to your phone.

I strongly believe a constant reminder that you too deserve to be loved by you, will do the trick. Eventually the list will change from …

* Eating

* Sleeping

* Movies

To a much better list that says

# Me

# Me

# Food

# Music


Beyond the imperfections 

I’ve noticed that In life, it is our worst moments that are kept as a memory and all the good we’ve done goes uncredited and unappreciated. People tend to see our bad sides more often and ignore the good we do… I guess it’s just another part of life that we can’t change.

You will do all the good in this world and people won’t notice any of it but, one mistake and you are the talk of the year. 

That’s no excuse to give up on doing the good stuff though,keep doing it ..someone out there will recognize it, and even if they don’t mention it😊 surely they’ve noticed. “Your kindness and goodwill will never go unrecognized” ,even if it’s only a single soul that notices, that’s reason enough to keep going.

Don’t stress when they only notice your imperfections, Sometimes the only person that needs to appreciate you is you…the world can say otherwise, the right person or people will see beyond your faults and failures 

So tell yourself “I’ll do what’s best for me” and just DO YOU BOO😘