Find your aNcHoR ⚓️ 

There is 5stages involved in the process of grieving…





                    Bargaining ,


                                Depression and finally,

Grieving doesn’t only come with the loss of loved ones, It can come as a response to most challenges we face in life. At times we get bombarded with so much at the same time that we feel like our lives are already over before they even began. We refuse to accept facts,situations and the reality concerning the matter at hand. We get drawn into the grieving process so much that at times we fail to see that we are at our lowest. It’s not easy at all. 

Most of us struggle to move to the final stage, “Acceptance”

We get emotionally overwhelmed with all that is going on and we try so hard to just let it be but it gets hard. We fail to work through the difficult situations and issues and we fail to detach from the emotional attachment. Some of us don’t even make it to the last stage, we reach stage 4 and we fall off the wagon… and that’s where my message for the day comes in.

Many times we fail to work through the tough times and challenges thrown at us because we tell ourselves there is no hope and that the world might as well be better off without us at that point in life. We fail to work our problems out because we don’t have that one thing or person that makes us want to not give up on life and keep ANCHOR. 

That’s who you need. You need someone to think about when all is going a different direction. You need an anchor so when you are at your lowest you get encouraged to fight and get back up because someone out there depends on your wellbeing and it would be a great loss for them if you don’t get up. 

So find your anchor in life and use that person or those people as an inspiration to want to get up.

I have a little brother, Aron and he is my everyday anchor. He probably doesn’t know it but every time I feel like I am done trying or every time I feel like giving up, I think of him and I tell myself he needs me to be okay. He needs me to be strong and show him that people can fall and get back up. I think of him and I tell myself, I can’t allow myself to breakdown to the point of no return because he needs his big sister and he needs me in one peace.

Hopefully now you see what I mean when I say you need an anchor.😌

So go ahead and choose your anchor in life. They don’t need to know, but you knowing who they are is reason enough to make you want to fight through whatever life throws at you.

It helps really, like a lot and I am not just saying but I am talking from my experiences with life😌. Get an anchor and you will be motivated to get up every morning to face the world once again.


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