Find your aNcHoR ⚓️ 

There is 5stages involved in the process of grieving…





                    Bargaining ,


                                Depression and finally,

Grieving doesn’t only come with the loss of loved ones, It can come as a response to most challenges we face in life. At times we get bombarded with so much at the same time that we feel like our lives are already over before they even began. We refuse to accept facts,situations and the reality concerning the matter at hand. We get drawn into the grieving process so much that at times we fail to see that we are at our lowest. It’s not easy at all. 

Most of us struggle to move to the final stage, “Acceptance”

We get emotionally overwhelmed with all that is going on and we try so hard to just let it be but it gets hard. We fail to work through the difficult situations and issues and we fail to detach from the emotional attachment. Some of us don’t even make it to the last stage, we reach stage 4 and we fall off the wagon… and that’s where my message for the day comes in.

Many times we fail to work through the tough times and challenges thrown at us because we tell ourselves there is no hope and that the world might as well be better off without us at that point in life. We fail to work our problems out because we don’t have that one thing or person that makes us want to not give up on life and keep ANCHOR. 

That’s who you need. You need someone to think about when all is going a different direction. You need an anchor so when you are at your lowest you get encouraged to fight and get back up because someone out there depends on your wellbeing and it would be a great loss for them if you don’t get up. 

So find your anchor in life and use that person or those people as an inspiration to want to get up.

I have a little brother, Aron and he is my everyday anchor. He probably doesn’t know it but every time I feel like I am done trying or every time I feel like giving up, I think of him and I tell myself he needs me to be okay. He needs me to be strong and show him that people can fall and get back up. I think of him and I tell myself, I can’t allow myself to breakdown to the point of no return because he needs his big sister and he needs me in one peace.

Hopefully now you see what I mean when I say you need an anchor.😌

So go ahead and choose your anchor in life. They don’t need to know, but you knowing who they are is reason enough to make you want to fight through whatever life throws at you.

It helps really, like a lot and I am not just saying but I am talking from my experiences with life😌. Get an anchor and you will be motivated to get up every morning to face the world once again.


Music…it’s not just a simple art

There is more to music then just the sound of the guitar and the melody of the piano. When I listen to music I don’t only listen to the sound, I listen to the words…okay sometimes the beats are really great I can’t lie I enjoy that😝, but I mostly like to follow and listen to what the words are saying. Certain songs do a lot for us rather than just cause a great noise pollution.
There are certain songs that you can listen to and somehow you find yourself in a very calming mood. The way the words flow, the soothing sounds of the pianos and the mesmerizing sound of the singer…it’s like everything just comes together and for a moment life is perfect. No wonder they say music is medicine for the soul ( or something like that). It’s more than just simple art really.Look at this lyrics…

Selena Gomez, kill em with kindness 

“The world can be a nasty place, you know it, I know it. See we don’t have to fall from grace,put down the weapons you fight with and kill em with kindness…Your lies are bullets, your mouth is a gun and no war in anger was won. Put out the fire before igniting and next time you fight, kill em with kindness”

Such simple words with so much meaning. It’s like she’s telling you that there will always be people who say and do things with no regard to how it will affect you. That there will be those that throw insults at you and make it their everyday mission to make your life miserable but, you will only be affected if you choose to give action to their words. You need to remember that you can’t always change people but you can change the way you react to them. You don’t always need to get even with those that hurt you. You need to learn to know when to speak and when to simply walk away and smile goodbye as you do. “KILL EM With KINDNESS”

Louis Tomlinson and Steve Aoki, Just hold on

” wish that you could build a time machine, so you can see the things no one else can see. Feels like you’re standing on the edge,looking at the stars wishing you were them…what do you do when the chapter ends? Do you close the book and never read it again? Where do you go when the story’s done? You can be who you were or who you’ll become” If it all goes wrong, darling just hold on. The sun goes down and it comes back up. The world turns no matter what, so if it all goes wrong, Darling just hold on”

This one is quite clear. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. If you haven’t found your light yet, if you are still struggling to find your breakthrough, don’t give up, Just hold on.

Justin Bieber, life is worth living 

“Ended up on a crossroad, try to figure out which way to go. It’s like you’re stuck on a treadmill running in the same place. You got your hazard lights on now Hoping that somebody will slow down, praying for a miracle, who will show you grace?…It ain’t never over, even in the midst of doubt. Life is worth living, so live another day. The meaning of forgiveness, people make mistakes, doesn’t mean you have to give in. Life is worth living again”

This is one of my favorites. It’s straight forward, LIFE IS WORTH LIVING. You don’t get to throw away everything because at some point it went wrong or because you got stuck. There is more to life then that one simple mistake and there’s definitely a road on the other side of the hump in your way. Forgive yourself not just once but, again and again and again.As many times as it takes to find peace. LIFE IS WORTH LIVING.

See what I mean, it’s not always the beats and the melodies, sometimes it’s in the simple words. It’s more than just simple art.😊

I don’t know why I wrote this, but I know I am glad I did.

Holding on

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned is that YOU DON’T JUST DECIDE TO STOP.

You don’t just decide to give up.

 You don’t just decide to end the process or cut the journey short because all is not going as planned or because not many people are for whatever you are doing. 

You don’t just decide to say it’s enough when you haven’t given it your all. 

You don’t get to stop just because you got stuck, 

You don’t get to stop because it became too hard.

The people that make it in life are the ones that don’t give up…or maybe they do but only for a few minutes. The people that make it are the ones that keep going even when the going gets tough. 

The people that make it are the ones that seek for solutions instead of excuses. The people that make it are the ones who fail and keep trying.The ones that fall and get up, the ones that lose themselves but still get the courage to find themselves. These are the people, and you too can be those people.

You too can make it in life.

Find it in you to explore your capabilities. Find the strength in you and hold on, because the people that make it are the ones that keep holding on even when things are heavy and painful, the ones that keep holding on even when they know there’s more load then the strength in them…but they hold on because in the end there is nothing to regret.

So No you don’t get to give up just yet. At least not until you’ve given it your blood sweat and tears.
Hold on a little while longer


Your sisters keeper 

We walk the streets of this world not knowing who will hold our hands when we feel lost or who will show us the direction to the right path. At times we know but somehow we are left with that 10% doubt that surely someone close will be there when we need them. There is no need to keep walking the streets alone,we have people in our lives,who are always there for us. When they are not physically close,they watch from a distance waiting for you to ask for their help…

So put down your guard,you have people.Go to them.

We are our sisters keepers…I don’t only mean sister as in blood but I include everyone around you that has proven to be worthy of your love attention and time.Your friends family you name it. They are your keepers and you are theirs.Basically I am just trying to encourage that we look out for the people we love. Not only when they need a chill and hang buddy,but also when they need a helping hand and a shoulder to cry on.Be there for others as you wish for them to be there for you. Don’t take advantage of their kind hearts and mesmerizing personalities,be their anchor when they need one and also be there when they need someone to talk to.

Just be there

They will remember you forever 😊…Don’t you want that? To be remembered forever?


Conversations unknown 

Remember that last time when you walked by someone and didn’t say hi but instead you pretended to be on the phone? Or that last time when you didn’t want to hug a friend or kiss your significant other goodbye because he didn’t get you that bracelet you wanted? How about that time when you ignored a hello text because you just didn’t want to reply or because “you have nothing to say” or simply because you are in no mood for some boring hi and hello conversation? Well it’s good that you remember 😊

Has it ever occurred to you that maybe that was going to be your last conversation with that someone, that maybe that hello was going to be the last goodbye? We don’t walk around with signs on our foreheads saying “hey you,say hi to me,this is the last time you will see me”.We simply just live day by day ,all trying to push through to the next day. Do you really want your last conversation with someone be a hello text that you ignored? 

I get that we change moods and at times people hurt us so much that for a moment we want nothing to do with them but let’s try to make an effort to right our wrongs when we have time.You don’t have to say the words if you don’t want to talk,just a simple smile will be appreciated. Go through that boring conversation and reply hello back. Give that hug or kiss goodbye.

This one time I came across this post on social media 

I read it and for a second I sat there and thought of everyone I knew and I tried to remember my last conversation with them…I was satisfied with some but I realized I had to go back… I had to go back and change the last conversations. I had to go back and respond to the texts I read and ignored, I went back and apologized for the things I did and didn’t do, I went back,placed my pride aside and decided to be the one that says hello first.I went back not because I was forced to but because I didn’t want to regret not appreciating the people that made a difference in my life, I needed to show them that despite our differences,They meant something to me and I needed that last conversation to be one worth remembering.

What about you though? Are you satisfied with all your conversations or do you also need to go back and change that last conversation. It’s not too late,if you are reading this article then you have time. Use it and change that conversation because the sad truth is …
“The last conversations are not known”

So do yourself a favor and go send those greeting cards that you had sealed up for so long.



R i S e

“I just don’t know if I can do it again”, she said sadly 
“Do what”,he asked…Rise ?

Take note, he said…

You once fell and you picked yourself up, you once got it wrong the first 3 times but eventually you got a hang of it and You were once 3 steps behind where you stand today…

What’s different this time around? Why can’t you do the same and rise again? What’s new this time? Yes the challenge maybe but, you are still the same girl. You are the same girl that once fell and rose, the same girl that was once hurt but overcame the pain,the same girl that could cry a river but found a way to smile despite the circumstances. You are the same girl that had a choice to hold on to sadness like a souvenir, and complain about how unfair life is but chose not to, and instead you decided to close your eyes and rise,decided to find the strength you didn’t know you had and decided to breathe into your faith no matter where you were.

You are still that girl.You found her once, well you can do it again.

She looked at him and smiled…

Lesson of the day…YOU CAN ALWAYS RISE 

A wise someone once said you can sometimes fall off the wagon for months, tell yourself you’re going to start afresh on Monday but by Wednesday you’d have already fallen back off…and that’s okay. Sometimes you have to restart 100 times and it’s frustrating But it will be alright.You can do this. One day at a time.

“The earth can pull you down with all its gravity, and the measure of your worries is sometimes hard to see, so just hold on and when then night is done,like the sun you will rise” Selena Gomez