Are we who we are?

You stumble across quotes that say be yourself,be the best you that you can be, be who you are,and the list goes on, but somehow I fail to understand how that is possible especially with the way society is.We live in a world where we can never completely be ourselves…or at least that’s what I think.I mean we are told to be ourselves and we are told to not be afraid to express our true selves but yet when we do, we are judged,we are told it’s wrong,and we are called names. I probably also once wrote something telling you to be yourself 😏.Not that I was wrong but hear me out.

Society tells us to be who we are  but, the same society has negative comments every time we express who we are.I mean whoever came up with quotes that say be yourself clearly didn’t complete that sentence…or maybe he had a different meaning in mind and maybe I am the one that’s failing to see it.But my point remains the same…

 I mean look around you,you are surrounded by different people who express themselves differently and who choose to be who they are in different manners.But are they being who they really are? I just feel like maybe at times who we are is not who we really are but instead we are who society wants us to be.The rules ,the norms,culture and tradition plus the relations we form in life all play a role one way or another.I can decide that who I am is an individual that does A B C but someone out there will still think I am doing it wrong or I am not portraying the right picture.

To cut a long story short,I believe we can never be and we are never really who we are…there will always be a certain percentage of a part that is not us.Thats just life I guess.If there’s anyone out there who is being who they really are and are not experiencing any sort of stigma,then you my friend have life figured out😊.

Maybe we can’t completely be who we are but there is no harm in being 90% of what we are.Maybe that’s the whole motive behind the quote “Be who you are”


Brush it off…

We see people walk the streets of this world with their heads held so high and smiles on their faces everyday.You ask yourself how they do it and then you think maybe they have it all…that maybe their lives are perfect but, I’ve come to learn that that’s not it.We all have burdens over our shoulders,we all feel like we are sinking on some days and we all feel like others have it all figured out better than us.But that’s not it

We all crush and burn and we all get screwed over by life here and there and we all have people looking at us waiting for us to make that one mistake so that they can have an excuse to call for a tea party 😏…People don’t always have it figured out but they walk with their heads held high and smiles to light up the world because they chose to focus on things that matter and just brush off the rest. We all have people waiting to see us fall to our faces and we are all just trying to push through to the next day but you won’t survive if you don’t learn the coping strategies.

Brush it off…that’s today’s lesson.

“You are going to meet people from all over the world who are going to test you constantly and if you show them that you are vulnerable they will test you even more.You have to get thicker skin and you can not take things personally have to learn to brush it off” Naomi Campbell

I couldn’t have said it any better 😌

Just do you and stand tall…BrUsH  iT oFf

😊Your inner Motivation😊

Being a student can be a handful sometimes.When you are not busy catching up on the latest gossip on campus and discussing latest trends and phrases like the current one “think they made it life ” ,you are busy doing the real work. The world of 3 tests in a week, 5 assignments due on the same day and 3 presentations to work on. On a good day you handle it so well ,But at times it gets really hard as you walk around trying to find that one thing that will make you want to stay and not give up.You look around and everyone seem to have their lives under control and seem to know exactly what to do and how to do it but meanwhile you are still stuck at deciding what you want. 

It sucks really…I have been there.Watching everyone around you go through their daily routine and you are just living by chance.You don’t know what you are going to do until you do it.So I ask myself,how do I get motivated to be focused and have it all figured out like everyone else?

I mean you can know what you want and know how to get there but you just can’t seem to know where to begin exactly.Some will define motivation as an intimidating game where one tries to make himself do something while his mind simultaneously avoids doing it.At times you know you really need to do something but you can’t seem to get started on that one thing.You get confused and stressed out because your whole world seem to be upside down or inside out at that moment and you seem to carry a whole load of confusion with you…or at least that’s what I felt😒.

Then I came across this;

According to Marc and Angel 

 “most times it’s not the weight that breaks you down but how you choose to carry it.You can use pain,frustration and inconvenience to motivate yourself rather than annoy you.You are in control of the way you look at life”

I read those few words and I realized that all I needed was to work on my mind.I needed to Allow myself to substitute the negative thoughts with the positive ones and just take small steps everyday.I needed to replace the I can’t with the I can,I needed to say let’s see where this will take me instead of saying it’s impossible,I needed to find the strength from within.I told myself I will wake up early today and guess what? I did…Not because I needed to prove it to the world but because I needed to teach my mind to make decisions and actually do what it decided.I did it for me and that is motivation😌😌😌

In simple terms what I am trying to say is that motivation doesn’t have to be taken from worldly things or people around us but we can choose to motivate ourselves.We can choose to take that inner urge and use it as a stepping stone to finally begin working on our goals.We are allowed to scream, we allowed to cry but we are not allowed to give up. Have a curious mindset and tell yourself “I want to see what happens if I don’t give up”