One minute you are wearing your shoes on opposite sides, buttoning your blouse while skipping that one button, coming home from school with one sock and sand in your pockets,playing house and looking forward to being a grown up,running for the ice cream truck (I still remember that song that played whenever it passed by) with money that you got from your parents…not your money and basically doing everything fun you can imagine and then the next minute it’s all gone.

Where did all that go? I mean not long ago I was looking forward to my 5th birthday and looking forward to me starting grade one and suddenly that’s all just history? Now I am writing tests and exams,having to set my alarm just so I wake up…where did mom go? She was the alarm. Now I have to watch what I buy and suppress all my wants for my needs because now I have to apparently be responsible? What is RESPONSIBLE ?

I have moved from wearing shoes on opposite sides to checking out the latest awesome high heels and having to look hot for an occasion.Suddenly I have to do my own doctors appointments and make sure I have enough food.Now I even have to stand up when I want to go use the restroom because apparently blankets are not a restroom anymore…What ever happened to having someone do all the work for you. I am 21,about to turn 22 and it just hit me…I AM OLD😂😂😂.I have moved from having someone switch off the lights in my room and sleeping in peace knowing mommy is just next door to turning off the lights downstairs and running upstairs afraid someone will kill me🙈.

But hey there’s no need to go on complaining about how everything just moved from being 6 to being 22. It was a great long run, at least now I will be able to tell a story and start it with “when I was 7″…Now when people say “give the chairs to the adults” at events I know I am the adults…and when I see a sign saying adult supervision is advised I know I AM THE ADULT SUPERVISION 😊😊😊.

So this is the part where I am supposed to tell you it’s not scary,but well it is.I mean fear is natural and it’s good and apparently being scared is all part of growing up. Yes it’s scary just thinking that someday I will be saying I am going to visit my parents” instead of “I am going home” but I have to admit it,despite the being responsible and having to pay for my bills and basically “adulting”,I will say Adulting is fun…

Enjoy your 20s and just make the best of everything. You will always remember your childhood memories but you are not going back. Don’t regret growing older,It is a privilege denied to many.Choose to  see age as the gift that it is and you will always feel grateful every time you add a digit to your life and remember to always Live more from intention and less from habit.😘😘😘



 If only…

If only it could have…
I don’t know if it only happened to me but, I once found myself thinking,IT COULD HAVE…Those 3 tiny words once kept me up all night. Found myself thinking life could have been better if I had made certain choices instead of others and that things could have gone in my favor if I had moved a different direction instead. But not too long ago I realized that such thoughts do nothing but steal your joy and prevent you from moving on with life.

It’s easy to understand really…
It could have, but guess what… It didn’t 

…and that’s okay. It’s not the end of the world for you, it could have been someone else or something else or it could have gone a million different ways but it didn’t and I tell you again,IT’S OKAY.


Blame the other man…

I have noticed that often we tend to blame our misfortunes or wrong doings to the next person.We seem to always have someone or something to blame, but we never for once think that maybe it was our fault that something happened.

As a young adult I know we face so many challenges in life and believe me it would be awesome if we could actually transfer the blame to someone else and it will all be alright.But that’s not how it works…okay maybe it wasn’t your fault but it happened and you got to be the victim.Instead of trying to prove that someone else is to blame for,how about you deal with the problem at hand…Blame the next man yes, but don’t forget to put yourself at fault too…

 Yes at times we really are innocent but you need to develop the mentality of taking responsibility of what your actions or decisions caused you. Be the bigger man and instead of blaming someone else,accept that you too are responsible one way or another 😌


Perfect not so perfect 

“I just want to be perfect”, she cried…
And then what happens when you achieve perfection, He asked..you stop then?

I have seen people try so hard to perfect a certain art or skill.They spend restless nights thinking of how they can be perfect at a certain obsession of theirs…Trying to get that perfect score,trying to be perfect at that one thing.At times we are already too good but we get this urging feeling like we want more than just being too good…We want perfect. I don’t blame anyone for wanting to be perfect,I mean there are things I wish I was perfect at but I am not going to be too hard on myself because somehow I feel if I were to reach total perfection,I wouldn’t have anything to look forward to,My life will be over🙄.

It is the imperfections that keep us alive,motivating us to push further and further.Imagine if all that was taken away from you. The anxiety,the stress,and the blood and sweat we put in as we attempt perfection is what makes our lives worth it and interesting in a way.Because of our imperfections we have something to look forward to every time we strive for that perfection.

Perfect is Boring…Embrace your Imperfections some times😝
There will always be another challenge waiting every time you conquer a certain step



Give grace to yourself 

So I am chilling with some of my girls and I realized we’ve moved from the sarcastic comments ,inappropriate laughter and roasts and we’ve begun talking about deep stuff…like really deep I tell you.And so they tell me stuff I tell them stuff and we all get each other😊,(Eish,I love you guys 😘); but let’s not get into that now.

What I picked up is that, often when we fail at something in life we get into a certain state and we get to ask questions like why did this happen,how did I end up here,and it even gets to a point of us calling ourselves useless and thinking we don’t deserve anything good in life.We get so caught up in the mess that we are, so much that we forget the good we have done in life and all the goals we’ve accomplished so far. Most of us allow that one minor or major setback in life to determine our entire existence.We get so caught up in thinking about why things happened and why they happened to us,but let’s face it,it happened and yes we got to be the unlucky ones.

But that doesn’t mean you should feel like your entire life is a failure.You have done some good in life,you’ve helped inspire someone sometime ago,you were or still are someone’s role model ,you my friend have done some really deserving things in life but somehow when we reach our moment of weakness,our mind gets clouded by that one mistake or setback that we are  dealing with.We get so caught up in our moment of weakness that we forget we lived a life before this happened,we forget that we’ve lived before and we did some good back there.

You need to stop being so damn hard on yourself in such moments.Give yourself some credit for you are human,flesh and blood and you are bound to mistakes and setbacks because we are not perfect.Give yourself a break,take a long deep breath and organize your thoughts.Plan on what to do next with a calm mind and decide what the best next step is for you.The moment you are hard on yourself every time you fall,getting back up will be a problem because your mind will be filled with all these negative thoughts about how you are not good enough and how you always seem to be the screw up.
Take a moment and just appreciate what you have accomplished so far.No one expects you to be perfect,I believe there’s room for mistakes in everyone’s life but we need to move past such moments and continue living.

“Give grace to yourself”, you are not an awful person.You are just at your lowest but you will get back up eventually.
Do not be hard on yourself I repeat…Because you my dear have done better things and accomplished the impossible before you had this moment of weakness.

Be inspired that you have the strength to get up and continue being a better person.