Just Β 201+7

If I were asked to describe how I pictured my 2016 at the beginning of the year I would probably have said all the words that described some perfect days and nights…but now I look back and see all I have done and all I have experienced and somehow I see that I wouldn’t have known how to describe that in any words.I had good days and bad days and with every new day that came along ,I learned and experienced a different side of me. I am now able to describe my strengths and weaknesses and I have learned that I possess certain abilities that even I didn’t think I had…okay maybe I knew,I just wasn’t sureπŸ™„…point is the last 365… 364 days(the last day is not over yet), all came with blessings in their own unique ways and I am grateful for that.

It is the last day of the year,2016 is hours away from coming to an end and am sure most of us are excited.It was a great long run I can say…

Yes it had it’s ups and downs,

For some, New skills were Learned,a new side of life was experienced and memories both good and bad were made…

but all that’s about to be last year’s news 

Maybe 2016 wasn’t your year,maybe you did a lot of crying than laughing and that’s okay because someone once said “We are all blessed in different ways that’s why we laugh at different times” and so I believe you will laugh in 2017😌

Maybe you hit more bumps than others,but that’s also okay, 

A new year awaits,make new memories and just live…

My resolution for the new year will be to:

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book ,write a good one” #stolen

2016 has taught me a lot and I am certainly looking forward to a mesmerizing and blessed 2017.Thank you to everyone that made my 2016 a year to remember,I am definitely taking you with me to 2017.

May you have a blessed new year filled with nothing but blessings from the Lord ☺️☺️



Β *The coastal breezes*

Tell me friendship isn’t the greatest gift of all time and I will put you down till you say otherwise.That great feeling of having someone who is willing to push you to greater heights,that someone who isn’t afraid to take risks as long as you are one step behind them,that someone who will watch you fall,check if you’re alright and then laugh before they say “ow sorry nkelo”… πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚,That someone that laughs at serious situations because…well I don’t know why but such people are the best.

Yes those are the people…I once thought people were lying when they would say surround yourself with positive people but guess what…they were right and I was wrong.😊😊😊
For the past 4 days I have been away on vacation..nothing fancy but those 4 days were some of the greatest I have ever lived.

You are probably wondering why am writing about this…well I am writing this because I have something to tell you…
Do not be afraid of living life to the fullest 

Do not be afraid of committing to something 

Do not be afraid of the experiences 

Do not be afraid of taking risks…(personally I am scared of taking risks,but I am blessed to be surrounded by those that aren’t afraid to try new things,and these are the people you need in your life😊😊😊)

Do not be afraid of living in the moment, a lot can happen in just a single moment and these are the memories we keep within us

Exist 😌😌😌

Be the girl (or boy ) that will say 

I have lived,

I am living  and 

I will live

The looking glass theoryΒ 

We often look at the world and we decide who we are.We listen to who or what the world says we are and we become that,everyone decides who or what they are in comparison to others. The world says jump and without a doubt we do exactly that.Yes we need to be concerned about what the world thinks of us because personal image is of great importance but, it’s to certain extents.

Sociologist Charles Cooley introduced the looking glass theory.His theory was based on the idea that “man is not born social but he becomes social after his interaction with the world around”...Charles mentioned that personality is something we develop as we interact with people around us. “We first imagine how we appear to others,we imagine how they perceived us and then we come to a conclusion and decide on our personalities”

I believe he was right.We often decide who and what we become based on how others see us .We allow all the petty comments to get to us and at times we take up a whole new personality that even we can’t recognize who we are. I salute you if you changed your personality to something positive thanks to the people around,but if it’s the other way round I have these few words for you…

It doesn’t always matter what others say or think of you,It doesn’t need to be a great concern at all…what’s most important is your own perception of you. Stop listening to everything people are saying,take up the positives and leave the negativity out to the world…

I have probably mentioned this in some of my other articles but I will repeat it…