It’s not impossible until you try:)

We go through life missing opportunities because we are too scared to try anything crazy .Our minds tell us it’s imposible and we believe that without really questioning it. We keep telling ourselves more  opportunities will present themselves, but have we ever once thought to ourselves that maybe the opportunity we missed was our one way ticket to greater heights ?
I personally believe that nothing is too crazy enough to try ( except sports 😝,that is impossible for me) .We can never really be sure that certain things are impossible unless we try. You need to stop missing out on opportunities and stop with the mentality of there will always be a next time .Yes opportunities will always be there but how sure are you that you will be around for them?
Live life today like you are dying tomorrow.You don’t want to regret not trying, it will eat you up forever.

just saying☺


The best you that you can be

Certain times we wish we were someone else,so that we can be happier like them,and have a stress free life like them.We wish we were someone else because we feel miserable,and worthless, you name it.Wishing we were literally anything or anybody except the person we are in that moment.

I will tell you this:

It’s not about being someone else,it’s about being the best you that you can be.Happiness is a choice that only you can make.Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you feel like the world is crumbling down on you.Appreciate all the blessings in your life and focus on that.Focus on the blessings instead of the burdens.If there’s one thing I learned so far, it’s that the burdens we encounter in life are not really burdens,they are privileges.Given to us to help us find ourselves,our purpose and help us learn from the mistakes we have done in life.
You need to stop feeling sorry for yourself and for once just tell yourself you can be the best that you are.
#Inspired by a movie “Me again”

P.S: check it out sometime☺️

Give it your title 

And then you watch them call you names and laugh at you.You watch them look down on you because you are different.They have made you a common enemy that you don’t know who to trust any more.They have given you a label because you don’t talk like them,you don’t walk like them and you don’t breathe the same air as they make it seem.You watch the people you knew as “friends” kick you when you’re down.Yes there are those that will help you up but the majority of those that stand against you outnumbers the good souls.


the world can be cruel,

life can be unfair 

People can be mean

Friends will stand against you instead of standing with you

It is so deep that they will literally end you for being you(not that I know of anyone who was killed 😆)

You can never be everyone’s favorite,and that’s okay.Just try to be the best that you can be;never cease trying to be the best that you can be.The world may be against you but that one thing is in your power.



The good in the bad and vise-versa

Some call it bad luck and others call it karma.But maybe it’s none of those things, maybe it’s just you.Those days when life throws almost everything bad in your direction and you get the feeling you are being punished for a crime you don’t even know of. So you start rewinding your life in your mind,trying to see where you went wrong. But I personally think that’s where we go wrong.We are not supposed to look in that direction,but instead we need to evaluate our present life.
We need to take note of the following:

*there’s the bad

*there’s the good

*there’s the good that’s in  the bad

*there’s the bad that’s in the good 

All together,you get LIFE
See… It’s all part of living and if you think you are cursed then we are all cursed.

 I believe there’s always a brighter side to every bad situation and you hold the power to finding that brighter side . You just need to believe that you can do it.

just saying 


Choose to exist

 stop walking with your head down.You might be invisible to some but the right people are admiring you from far,you just have to exist while existing…don’t  be your shadow
#Just saying 😌


In the EYES of SOME and OTHERS

Not everyone sees the you that you are. Everyone will have a different version of who you really are. Everyone will be an author to a book titled you.You will be a villain in some,and a hero in others.So basically what one man thinks of you is not what the other is thinking and that’s okay. Not everyone was meant to see us for who we are. You can’t expect everyone to like you or cheer for you.

But we have some people…
people who see us for who we are

people that will see the ugly side of you but still manage to make a joke out of it and stand with you.

People that you are not afraid to show the real you even when it’s your ugly side because deep down you know they are there to stay.

People who will see you fall and will run to catch you

People whose shoulders may be too small but you know you can always lean on them

People who see your true colors,

the ones that ,manage to find a positive thought for every negative thing you do,

the ones that find you perfect and worth it even when you may think otherwise 

The ones that will ask you who they need to kill when you are in a bad mood😉

Those are the people…your people 

Such people that add meaning to our lives,because when we feel like the world is coming to an end,it is in them that we find comfort.

Do me this favor:think of these people and let them know how much you appreciate them,just let them know. You don’t need to say the exact words..a hello will be enough,a reminder that you are aware of their existence and you appreciate that.


Someday just a Memory 

We are walking the pastures of this world not knowing when our journey will come to an end.We try to push through everyday as we wait patiently…but in the meantime how about doing something that people will actually remember you for.When you are no more, some will forget to put a face to your name,some will forget who you were,and to some you will be a blurred vision…Someday you will just be a memory 

So how about as we patiently wait for that someday,we make our lives worth remembering.They say if someday you are just going to be a memory,at least be a good one; a memory that will bring a smile to someone’s face,a memory that will brighten up someone’s day ,a memory that will make someone burst out with laughter and tears to their that kind of memory.

Our minds replay what the heart can’t delete. The little things we do for people around us,the little moments -they aren’t little.Yes pictures are are worth a thousand words,but the memories are priceless.
 Do your best to leave a good mark in someone’s life.Be someone’s best memory