Create your own sunshine 

I believe everyone has a gloomy day.We all find ourselves waking up on the wrong side of the bed.You know you are fine but somehow it just doesn’t feel like you.So on such days,I shake the feeling off.I believe at times you determine your own mood.You can decide to be sad the whole day because of something that happened ages ago or you can simply ignore and shake it off…like literally shake it off😝. Yes we are humans and we are entitled to feelings and emotions but it doesn’t mean if I am mad at one thing the whole world should experience my negative energy.

Maybe I am wrong ,or maybe I am not but I think if you keep entertaining certain thoughts like telling yourself you are sad every minute of the day ,somehow you are giving up before you even started.Emotions are tricky,but we determine what they do to us.Yes there are certain occasions when we are allowed to feel sorry for ourselves but sometimes which is most times,you just have to get up and push through,after all it’s just another day right…as they say “it’s a bad day,not a bad life”.

A great someone out there wrote these words.”You’ve got to stop taking everything so damn personal,you’ve got to stop letting yourself get upset over things that won’t Matter in two years.Sleep in on Saturday mornings and wake yourself up early on Sunday “ Not my words but I would tell you the same.
You have so much ahead,so many chapters untouched…don’t get lost in the one you’re in now.”create your own sunshine”
And as I love to say…Just saying 😌


Never stop caring 

We have people around us,people that mean a lot to us,people we once trusted with everything and for some reason they stopped existing in our lives.Not because they passed on or something but you simply grew apart somehow.Maybe you once regarded them as your personal people but now they are just beings like any other.
You know sometimes we forget that when you care for someone it’s hard to just stop doing takes time…but don’t give up on the people you once had strong bonds with.they may have done a few wrongs here and there but don’t watch them drown in pain or sorrow while you move on with life.Be there for them,not to show the world you have forgiven them but because it’s what real friends do.

If you just stare and watch them fall so hard,then maybe you weren’t that much of a friend after all…

Don’t give up on the people you care about or once cared for,if you know you can be of some help,then be there…put aside your pride and be the one to lend a helping hand even when they are too stubborn to ask for it😝

It’s what good people do..

But again,that’s just me

Just saying ☺️

Lost sheep

We are all looking for a way out,because one way or another we are all lost sheep. At times we know the way out but we are afraid of what we might meet on our way there.We are not stuck where we are because we want to,but it’s because the thought of moving from this point to the next is scary. We are finding it hard to leave our comfort zone despite the agony it brings. We have adapted to the pain that it’s not painful any more.

We try to reach out at times but no one seem to listen or hear us call for help.So we are lost sheep,waiting for the shepherd to come looking for us.Because we have lost the way back.We can’t find ourselves and we need someone to come find us…someone to come find you,because you can’t find you anymore.
Don’t worry…you are not alone.Someone out there is waiting for you to ask or reach just need to move from this zone of yours and live outside your comfort zone…No one is going to force you..if you like where you are,ow well stay there.If you don’t ,get up and do something about it😊




A state of mind that prevents normal perception, behavior, or social interaction; or at least that’s what they call it.But like Albert Einstein said,I also believe that “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

You claim you want to see progress but you stick to the same old routine. you want to move from point A to B but for some reason you refuse to let go of your old ways and exploit other options. I get it if you are determined but you need to know that sometimes ,there are other ways to do certain things in life.

If you really want to see change or achieve something positive,learn to let go of the old ways and start to exploit the pleasure of other great ideas. Trying a different approach doesn’t make you a failure,it only means you understand. At times we keep trying and trying and trying and trying but I think we need to accept when we’ve been defeated too…

Now ask yourself…”Am I insane”

Just saying😊


Monster within

For the first time you think ow well it’s no big deal…Then you try to live through it knowing that you are not at peace with yourself but for the sake of moving on you suppress the feeling of anger,agony or whatever you are trying to move past.It will start off as a one time thing,then it becomes a habit finally it becomes part of you.You keep whatever you feel bottled up inside because you think it will go away somehow,that maybe one day you will wake up and would have lived past it.

It’s not how it works…I get that some of us like to not say too much so we keep too much to ourselves instead.Maybe it’s because we can’t trust anyone to get it,or maybe it’s because we simply don’t want to know what happens when we let it out.I believe we all have it…the Monster with in,the words unspoken…
but hear me;
You are not helping yourself by suppressing whatever you feel,you will never live past it if you can’t let it out and face it.You don’t always need someone to talk to,sometimes you just have to find your own unique way of letting it out.Sing if you have to,cry your heart out if it will make it go away,punch someone if you please (careful who you punch🙄),Just do something other than piling up all the bad ,sad or happy emotions inside you.Maybe you are past the stage of learning how to do that but you can always try.
Release the Monster with in


The world is how we choose to see it

Ahdjfufdysnkckkchj ft kk ft jdkk see nh,gdhdjdj cf jfidkdikdkkfjbdj…I see the confusion, you are probably wondering what that is. At times this is how we see the world. A confusing space in which we live in and we are unable to interpret it for our mind to make sense of it.  But that’s just it, we try too hard to  try and understand certain things in life to the point of losing focus on the most important part of being human…and that’s to live.

Sometimes we get lost trying to understand every single thing in life, looking for reasons to why everything is the way it is or why everything is happening the way it’s happening, then we lose focus and instead of living, we spend our days wondering and thinking of things that at times we know we can’t answer, yet we keep thinking about them…
“Ahdjfufdysnkckkchj ft kk ft jdkk see nh,gdhdjdj cf “…someone who knows what living is will probably see that as lyrics to a love song in Chinese☺, but some will go to the extend of thinking it’s a code to some terrorism work :(…

The point is, the way you see the world sometimes depends on how you choose to interpret whatever life throws at you.  If you choose to see every challenge as a plot to destroy you, you will live your whole life in constant fear of every failure and every struggle ,but if you choose to see challenges as a stepping stone for you to become a strong and wiser someone, then believe me you are on the right path…
Am not saying this is how it is,am just speaking my mind out…it’s how I see it ☺☺☺

just saying☺