Say his name and I will write you a novel😍

It’s not how he looks that amazes me,but it’s how he is made up and carries himself.He is not the perfect guy that buys you roses and spoils you with expensive gifts,or the type that tells you he loves you every day,not the type to call and text every second,that’s not it..he is just an average guy.but different.Not the greatest you might want to list but he is my definition of perfect imperfection…the few times that he tells you he loves you,you get a mesmerizing feeling within,and even after he hangs up after a perfect late night phone call you spend an extra 30minutes smiling like an idiot because for some reason you are busy replaying the conversation you just had over and over😍.

He has his own kind of unique personality.He is not an open book, he always leaves you wondering with questions like what? How? You name them…but for some reason that’s the beauty of it all.I can go on but ow well…☺️

He is just a man…only he is one of a kind (my kind🙈)

There is nothing gratifying than seeing the smile on his face and the calm in his eyes as he looks at you…and then like a small little girl I giggle and turn my head away because if I keep staring,I am afraid I will fall too hard☺️…


It’s just a “hashtag life” …the choices we make

It’s never really handed to you on a silver platter ,at times you just need to toughen up and take the bull by the horns. It’s simple,life is not always an easy going road,and I believe most of the times the challenges we experience are because of the choices we make. 

No one really makes certain choices looking at the challenges that may arise…some do but I don’t think most of us do.Most choices we make are usually only about the now,we don’t really get to think about the later…I think🤔. Correct me if I am wrong . 

Apoorva Gupta wrote that the choices you make and decisions you take have a long lasting impact on your life.”They make us very special,put a bar of distinction between us and everyone else” and I agree with these words. Whatever you decide now will have an impact on your life,you might not feel it now but you will.

They say our lives are a series of the decisions we make in the present moment -you take a plethora of decisions,make choices and bear the consequences.But I believe most of the times majority of us fail to handle ourselves when consequences arise.We either blame ourselves or the people around us hoping that it will all go away.But believe me until you learn to accept the challenges that come with the decisions you made,you can never really be at peace.It’s sucks that somehow things didn’t go as expected but that’s just it …it’s a hashtag life and you need to learn how to deal with it and actually continue living while living😝…again ,just saying

In between places 

There are certain times or days when we find ourselves caught in between places.When we are confused about who we are,where we are going and most of all,we find ourselves questioning everything,starting from our date of birth to the type of cereal that we usually have for breakfast…maybe that’s just me😁.I use to have a hard time pushing through such days until I came along David Archuleta‘s song “Glorious” and the lyrics got to me and I feel I have to share them with you out there…those who haven’t heard it😌

“There are times when you might feel aimless and can’t see the  places where you belong,but you will find that there is a purpose,it’s been there within you all along.And when you are near it you can almost hear it. It’s like a symphony,just keep listening and pretty soon you’ll start to figure out your part.Everyone plays a piece and there are melodies in each one of us.You will know how to let it ring out as you discover who you are and those around you will start to wake up to the sounds that are in their hearts…It’s so amazing “

Those are the words that help me get through certain days and I believe if they can help me,they can surely help someone out there.😌