What if 

Have you ever found yourself wondering how your life would have been if certain things weren’t there or if certain things didn’t happen the way they did? Wondering if you would have been a different person if you had ordered pizza instead of wings,if you had checked yes instead of no,if you had chosen black instead of white,if you had said A instead of B,or if you had chosen lilies over roses.

have you ever been there?

That moment when your “now that I ” becomes your “what if I“…It is through such moments that we need to learn how to embrace what we have or what has become of us instead of looking up to the sky and wondering what would have happened if we didn’t make certain choices in life.Yes we all wish we could change certain things but the truth is we can’t,and the sooner we come to terms with that,the better.
 You can’t live your life based on “what ifs”.You are here now and there are no more what ifs but instead ask yourself “what now“. Asking yourself if things would have been different if you did something instead of what you actually did is not going to bring any consolation to you,it is simply a waste of time and energy.We are human and we are allowed to feel and think otherwise.

I am not saying it’s wrong to wonder if things would have turned out differently ,I am simply saying you don’t need to dwell on it.Leave the what ifs and become a what now person.


Who am I

We go around conquering the world and doing our very best to live life to the fullest.We implement rules and goals and we strive to get what we want and become someone better.But have you ever paused and asked yourself this question…“who am I”
Yes you know your name, you are that person who laughs so hard that you have tears running down your cheeks,you are that person who tries to light up the room with a smile,you are strong,you are that person who gives love and is loved unconditionally,you are that person who enjoys giving and showing love to others…but are you the person you wanted to be,or are you at least on the path to becoming who you wanted to be? These are questions majority of us forget to ask and find ourselves wondering when it’s already too late.

I am not saying you should stop being the way you are right now,maybe you need to change or maybe you don’t,but my point is ,don’t wait too long to decide who you want to be.And when you make a choice,make sure you are okay with whatever challenges it may bring to you and never lose your way.The journey to finding  yourself can be a difficult one but it all comes down to this words...Who are you and who do you want to be ?

What if I fall?..ow but darling what if you fly?

You don’t need to have it all to know the meaning of life.Why do you have to spend sleepless nights wondering about what was and what would have been.🙄.take it from the girl who hated almost every aspect of life but is now busy enjoying it.You feel alone,occupy your mind with something you love,you feel like you drowning,pretend you are the greatest surfer and face the waves…

I don’t know if I am making sense but I believe at certain points in life we need to give in and make lemonade out of everything.Life is not easy for everyone,but some of us choose to make it difficult on our own.We have so much fear,anger and less confidence in what our minds are capable  of doing.Stop with the mentality of looking down at yourself and live a life that you yourself will be jealous of.

How to win at life:

Step 1;let people do what they need to do to make them happy,mind your own business and  do what you need to do to make you happy.The end #stolen

Life is perishable.The quicker you consume it,the better it feels.Stop thinking and start living.As I love to say it,everyone has the right to think otherwise ,but am just saying☺️

The question shouldn’t be who is going to let me;It should be who is going to stop me


Be in your time zone🙂

Maybe not everyone has been through it,but majority understand when I say we’ve all experienced the feeling like we are being left behind somehow by the people around us.The feeling that everyone seems to be moving on and you are left stuck between point A and B,Not knowing if you should go back and start again or if you should find a shortcut to it,so you can be where everyone is.

The feeling that your time is running out but you have not achieved anything or you haven’t reached a satisfying end point yet. I don’t think it’s wrong to feel that way,we are all humans and we break when we fall,but we need to remember that just like there’s time for everything everyone has their own time zone. The reason you are not where your mates are is not because you failed or anything,it’s because you are no yet there according to your time zone. Don’t make the mistake of creating a shortcut just because it seems like the easy way out,they say shortcuts are badluck.

What are you rushing for when you have no idea about what happens in your future? 

Think about it…just saying ☺️

P.S. Don’t get too relaxed though🙂