This moment is your life

So I was busy checking my mail when my daily subscription of the Marc and Angel hack life popped up. “This moment is your life”,those were the words that caught my attention.Most of us have the habit of not living in the moment.We keep putting things off  hoping to do them “tomorrow “.Wise man once said procrastination is the thief of time,and believe me he was not wrong.Marc and Angel wrote that too many of us wait too long to live our best lives and I  agree with them.

We are living in a world surrounded by so many things and people that love us but somehow some of us still fail to see the beauty in that.Then, before we know it, we find ourselves asking, “How did it get so late so soon?” They say life is not the period between birth and death but the period between Now and your next breath.This present moment,here and now is all the life you ever get so make it worthwhile.

We need to learn how to live each moment in full, in kindness and peace, without fear and regret. Do the best you can with what you have in this moment; because that is all you can ever expect of anyone, including yourself.If you love someone,tell them now,let them know that you appreciate their presence in your life,don’t wait for tomorrow.Do it now and move on with your life.”The trouble is you think you have time”…well you don’t 🤔

If not now…When?


Defeat your Dragon 

Once upon a time,a kingdom was attacked by a fearsome dragon.Everyone was terrified so the king sent his strongest troops to fight and capture the dragon,but it was too strong,that not even their greatest weapons could defeat it.The king ran out of options but he wanted to save his kingdom so he told his people he would give whoever captures the dragon,what their heart desires.So a little girl went up to the king and told him “I need 2 apples,2 blankets,2 pillows,a pair of tweezers,a pair of binoculars and an empty match box”. The king gave the little girl what she asked for and she headed out to the park.She then prepared a pick nick for two.She layed down the two blankets and placed a pillow and apple on each blanket.She ate one of the apples and fell asleep on one of the blankets.The dragon came and saw what the little girl had done.He was hungry so he ate the other apple and fell asleep on the other blanket.Since the little girl slept first,she woke up first.She took her pair of binoculars and looked at the dragon in the way that it appeared smaller than her.After that she took the tweezers ,picked the dragon up and placed it in the empty match box.

You are probably thinking “what sense is this making?🙄

I don’t blame you,but here is the point am trying to make.We all have dragons in our lives,The problems we have and the challenges we encounter,these are our dragons.But most of us fail to capture them and prevent them from becoming a threat in our lives.Most of us think like the King in the story,we want someone to solve our problems for us because it’s easier that way,or we fail to think smart because we are too scared.We should not be thinking like that.The reason the little girl was able to capture the dragon was not because she used a magic spell,but it was because she looked at the dragon differently from how everyone else looked at it.She used a pair of binoculars so that the dragon may appear smaller than her and she won’t be afraid to face it.Not only that,but she also looked at the dragon like it was another human.

Some problems appear to be bigger than what we can handle but at times we don’t need to try too hard for us to find solutions to burdens in life.We just need a new pair of binoculars and look at things from a different perspective.It’s not that complicated,you just need to find the little girl in you and look at your dragon in a different way.Just because others seem to think certain things can’t be overcomed it doesn’t mean you should think the same.The moment we start looking at things differently,life itself becomes different.You can do it,you just need a new pair of binoculars 😌

It’s the thought that counts they say

So my friends and I gathered around as we discussed life in general and then I got an interesting question that left me thinking otherwise.

I believe most of us know the idiom “it’s the thought that counts”.We live in a world were majority of us like to refer to that saying most of the time.I am not against that kind of thinking, but I believe if one was to critically analyze that saying from a different perspective,they would think otherwise.

I choose to believe that it’s what you do with the thought that counts.Yes you thought of something but the fact that you didn’t do any action regarding that thought makes your thought just…a thought 😌.People don’t see thoughts they see actions and they will appreciate you based on what you do not what you thought of and kept to yourself.I don’t know if am making any sense but that’s just how I see it.

For example If you have thoughts that you love or hate someone but didn’t actually tell that someone, it won’t matter to them,because they don’t know it.But everyone has the right to think differently…just saying .Also I believe if we choose to always tell ourselves it’s the thought that counts,we will miss out on many opportunities as we will dwell on the fact that because we thought of something it’s okay not to act it out,because apparently it’s the thought that counts.But again,just saying 😊


Warrior over Worrier 

Most people say most  of our unhappiness comes from our own thoughts.And I agree with that statement.At times we are soo focused on the negative side of life that we forget the bright side exists. The human mind is a tricky place and if we are not careful,we will always find ourselves on the dark side of life.At times we get so caught up in our thoughts to the extent of losing it.We create scenarios in our minds and end up worrying about things that didn’t even exist.

I do that too sometimes but I have a way on how to deal with that.I tell myself “if I can’t change it,It’s not worth thinking about “.It might not work for everyone but am sure a few people can relate.Be a worrior and defeat the worrier in you.We need to learn how to control our thoughts and take it easy on certain things.

You don’t always need to think about stuff,sometimes you just need to do 😉.You are the architect of your life and your happiness depends on the life you design.

When the devil whispers “You can’t withstand the storm” Be a worrier and answer “I am the storm”😎


You are more than the mistakes you’ve done

Most people live with the feeling that whatever goes wrong in their life is a result of the mistakes done in the past coming back to haunt them.We live with regrets of things we’ve done and are not pleased with. Then I ask myself,isn’t making mistakes part of being human?

We go around pushing ourselves because we wish to undo what has been done,but what we really do is torture ourselves.There is no “undo” button in life,but there is a “restart” button.I believe we all have something we wish we could change but instead of living with regrets of our past,how about we embrace the lessons learned?

I am not promising you a perfect life but life will be better when you learn from your past mistakes.We all make mistakes,you might fall on your face but you have to get up.



Define yourself 

We go around thinking we need other people in order to be happy and we tell ourselves we are nothing without them.Its not wrong,yes we need other people.But we need to learn how to find happiness within ourselves first before relying on anyone for that.I believe true happiness comes from within.Before you embark on a journey searching for happiness from others,make sure you are happy with you.

At certain points in life we enter the phase of confusion and we allow other people to define us.Never let a few bad days,bad experiences and bad people cause you to doubt yourself and stop believing in life,None of those things define you.You need to understand that in certain circumstances you will only find true happiness in life when you realize that it only takes you to be happy. Take the wheel to your life ,you are the driver,anyone else is just a passenger and eventually one by one they will leave you but those that are meant to stay will stay.That’s just life.

P.S Life is a game that only the ones that keep hoping will win.So despite what you may go through,You must NEVER LOSE HOPE.Someday you will walk the greener pastures too 😊


Change to see change

We live in a world where everyone has the right to choose what they want but at times we find that we are not pleased with what the world has to offer us. Then we decide that we want to see change in certain situations or certain characters of people around us.Then it hits me…

Before you go around screaming for things to change or for people to change their characters perhaps,you need to evaluate yourself.I know it might not apply in every situation but I believe that if you really want to see change in something or someone,you need to change your perception of things and at times your character towards others. It’s not always that things need to change,at times you as an individual need to change your attitude towards life.

 For you to see change,you need to change☺️…Think about it 🤔