How do We know it’s time

I look around and see my peers talk and do stuff that I don’t remember ever thinking of doing.Then I get the feeling that I am being left behind in certain aspects of life.They call it Adulthood and I call it year of confusion.Somehow I am lost between being an adult and teenage hood. There is a change in the number of years but I don’t know if there is change in my perception of life. 

Usually I write pieces that are encouraging but this one is personal in it’s own way.Like have you ever thought or felt like you had everything planned out but somehow you just wake up and feel like you need to change in someway,not appearance wise,but like the way you carry yourself.And then this question came up…how do I know it’s time for me to act in a certain way. Like do I get signs saying “the time is now ” ?

How do we know it’s time? I want you to think about that and if you can,  tell me in the comments section ☺️


If you can dream it,you can be it

Ever felt like you don’t belong somewhere,like you were meant to be someone else in a different part of the world? like you were meant to do something but you stop and look around and realize you are not even close to being that person. Well I use to feel that way and at times I still do…At times we grow up overwhelmed with ideas about the future but then we reach a breaking point in life and we get confused and lost about everything.

Then we think to ourselves that maybe we were meant to be more than what we are,maybe we are meant to make a difference somewhere in a stranger’s life.Here is the good news,you can still be that person,you can still change something in someone’s life. You just need to put your mind at it and stay focused. Yes there might be a few bumps in the road here and there but eventually you will make it.

I believe that if you can dream about being something you can become that something if you decide to walk towards your dreams.They say when the dreamer dies,the dream dies. So maybe all you have to do is keep dreaming and work hard to make that dream a reality. It’s not quantum physics,you just need to believe that you can be it and you will be it.

Walk towards your dreams despite what the world has to say.If it will make you happy it’s always worth a try.If you don’t make it,at least you tried,NO REGRETS just LESSON LEARNED 😌

Not good enough 🤔

Ever had that feeling before,like you need to change or try hard at almost everything in life,the feeling that everyone you know expects you to act in a certain way ,that every time you do something you think to yourself “is it good enough? 

Language experts call it Atelophobia ,the fear of not being good enough. Then It hits me,when we say we are not good enough,do we really mean good enough to people around us or good enough to ourselves? I just feel like at times we as humans,maybe not all of us but most of us torture ourselves with the simplest things.Most people push themselves too hard with the intention that they will become good enough to someone or some people.I agree that we need to impress people at times but I don’t find it healthy when we push too hard. You don’t need to be good enough for everyone around you.Not everyone is going to be impressed with what we do no matter how much we try,that’s just life and someone will always find flaws in you and that’s okay.

One doesn’t need to be good enough for everyone. You just need to be enough for yourself.If you’re happy with who you are,what you do and where you are headed to,then you are on the right path.I don’t think anyone has the right to tell you,you are not good enough in a way that will create self loathing.There is no degree to being good enough,there will always be those that appreciate what you do and not judge you for it and those are the people you must focus on.

Just do things for you and don’t allow judgmental people get to you.Always remember that there will always be someone who finds you perfect in your imperfections 😌😌😌

When Friends become Family

They say they don’t know how it starts but I believe it is born…When one human being says to another: “what? You too?” And then the journey begins. The laughter you share,the jokes you tell and the moments that turn into unforgettable memories with them,make friends the anchors to our boats. We come in this world as individuals but we make connections With others like us and create bonds.
Friends;not super humans just flesh and bone like ourselves.
When they are around, life becomes easier,because even when in a agony, they know how to make a joke and crack you up. They always seem to say the right words at the right time.
The best part is when friends become family. Language specialists can define family in relation to blood,but I say otherwise ☺.
P.S.Never underestimate the presence of your friends in your life,it might not be permanent, but  while you still have them, make the best out of it ☺😘☺

just saying☺

The annoying feeling of loneliness 😭


I never really understood what people meant when they said “they feel lonely”, until I experienced it myself.Surrounded by a number of individuals and yet you get the feeling that you have no one to talk to,like no one is ready to listen to you whining about whatever trouble you are going through.Believe me I have been there.
But I believe no matter how lonely one gets,we should never think that no one is willing to listen, someone out there is waiting for us to open up to them. People have answers but we are not asking the questions. If you really want to get over something, you need to develop the courage to actually seek for help. Open up to someone and clear your mind,maybe there’s someone out there who is also looking for someone to talk to.
Don’t fight the battle alone;)

just saying☺

Heart vs Height :(


I looked at that picture for like 20 minutes and I realized what it was trying to say,or at least what I think it’s trying to say. As we grow older we become somehow heart less.  And then it got me thinking, why is that?  How does a small little boy with a big heart turn into a heart less being?
As we grow up,we get exposed to many hardships of life and some affect us so bad that they leave us with permanent scars. Betrayals, heart break, deception, you name it. We go through so much that we lose the ability to trust and eventually we become heartless.  But I don’t want that to be the lesson here. There shouldn’t be an excuse to be  heartless,yes you will care less and trust a few but you can’t allow yourself to be heartless. Usually as we grow up our eyes open and we start to see the world for what it really  is,but once in a while let’s choose to see the world from a child’s point of view. Choose to see the best in everything.☺

just saying☺

It’s all twisted:(

imageIt’s interesting how you find yourself thinking you will be part of someone’s life forever just to wake up one morning and  realize that there is no forever,I have been there. It hits you by surprise that for a  second you think it’s joke and then reality hits you and you  realize, it’s all happening all too fast . I used to feel sad whenever someone left but experience has taught me to  move on and let people be.There will never be a forever if it’s only one person willing to make  the relationship  work.I know it sucks but that’s life…
So do me a favor, don’t allow yourself to be kicked back and forth…you are a human being,not a soccer ball. If they kick you out of their lives once,leave and don’t look back . If you do,you will only hurt yourself…Learn to gather the pieces of your broken heart and move on with your life.We can’t live in the past.“In order to heal a wound,you need to stop touching it “

just saying☺