Simple but strong word… “FEAR”

Language experts define it as an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain or harm.I won’t argue with them but,a little birdy once told me that the word fear has 2 meanings. * Face Everything And Rise * Forget Everything And Run
We all have a fear of something, you might not be aware of it yet but you do. I have a fear of failure but I don’t allow that to come in my way of fulfilling my dreams …thats just  it,you can’t live your life trying to avoid your fears,that’s not living. I believe for one to overcome your  fears,you need to be a risk taker and stop trying to be careful every time,break a few rules if you have to;). The point is,you can only overcome your fears if you decide to face them,and I believe this is hard because we are mostly really scared of what’s in our mind and unless we convince our minds that whatever it is we fear can be faced then we will live our lives in constant fear of even the simplest things…
Now I look at what I just wrote and wonder if am able to follow my own words 😦
In summary, choose between the two words *RISE or RUN*…just remember if you decide to RUN you will never stop running ☺

just saying☺


“Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”

…That is what we say.true,BUT I believe you are your own person. Who your friends are does not determine who you are.You are your own person, always remember that.Just because I hang out with people who follow a certain pattern of life doesn’t mean I am like them. Who we are depends on who we choose to be not who we stay with. In most friendships there is always that one who is not like the others… that person can be you.I am not saying I disagree with the statement am simply just saying you can’t allow the people you hang out with determine who you are. You need to learn how stand out and be your own person… but hey, we all have different thoughts,those are my thoughts 😦

just saying☺

“The questions”:(


We all find ourselves questioning certain things about who we really are. At times we feel confused and lost,but the truth is you are not alone…it’s not wrong to question who you are at times,it simply means you are growing and you are trying to figure out your life puzzle…or maybe that’s just me
I wouldn’t really know but am guessing that’s how it is…
I mean come on…you probably woke up one day doubting everything about yourself and questioning almost every decision that you made in your life… but that’s not the sad part,it gets worse when you realize  only you can convince yourself that what ever you are feeling is just part of being human
I know why such feelings make us sad… most of us find it soothing and less painful when there is someone to solve our problems but in this situation we know we can’t ask anyone because no one will really understand… okay maybe some will understand but they won’t be able to help you as much.
The point is certain questions that we have are meant to be answered by no one but ourselves…so don’t feel abnormal when you find yourself in that situation…you are not the only one:)

just saying☺

The Mask of emotions :):(:|😣😭😠:twisted:

Happiness is just an emotion that we use mostly to cover up all the other emotions. They see you smile every single day but they don’t know you are fighting a battle, they don’t know you are at war…with who you ask,well at war with yourself. Even an armed soldier finds time to smile and hide the fact that he is terrified. But that’s just it, you can’t let everyone know how you are feeling. Certain faces stay hidden behind a bright smile and sparkling smokey eyes for a reason… I know my reasons, but I don’t know yours.
Why do you do it?

just saying☺

Chin up princess or the crown will fall

It doesn’t have to be okay now, but you should believe that eventually it will be okay. If you keep a positive mind,the results will be positive… if you fall once, get up and start again because sometimes we have to fall before we rise. Experiencing some difficulties right now doesn’t mean you will be like that for ever.. take it as a simple bump in the road and believe there is still a straight road ahead
* you have been called names…so what
*you have been laughed at…who cares
I know it’s difficult to face certain things in life but at times you need to suck it up and tell yourself you are worth it,and no one is going to take that away from you. It’s bad enough that the world hates you but you can’t make it worse by hating yourself…you are not the whole world,you are just you.
Yes it won’t be easy getting up after you fall but honey if you keep feeling pity for yourself, you are going to remain where you are.
Remember that only you can pick yourself up:)

just saying☺